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My name is Manning Pearce…. I have worked all over the world and with many different companies.

My blog column is about business operations and practical functionality of work flow often used in the business environment.

I will discuss real world examples involving online transactions, ecommerce and more.

Not many people talk about quality control systems related too small to medium-size businesses. Although we are not resellers of any software per se, we have dedicated this blog to discussing the challenges related to integrating computer technology with small to medium size businesses.

You may find an occasional blog post that feels more like a rant that a blog post, however, it’s just a way for me to get some of my frustration off my chest. Anyone that has ever worked with enough IT people to make yourself crazy will understand the things that I’d like to discuss about interfaces integrations and operating systems.

I will also include some lighter subject matter on general businesses as well. I have worked for many small to medium size companies. I understand the process of transitioning from small to medium and two large. Think of this blog as a combination of Dilbert, IT, and Donald Trump entrepreneurship.