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Blogging About Your Passions


Everyone it seems has a blog. What makes a blog popular? Why do some blogs do so well and have so many followers while some barely get a nod? There are a few things that sells a blog to the public but nothing more than blogging about your passions. When you are blogging about something that you love it comes through in your writing. It also makes you:


  • Perceived as an expert
  • Produce engaging content
  • Entertain people


When you are blogging about your passion you are likely blogging about a subject that you know inside and out. This knowledge that you have that other people do not elevates you to a perceived expert in the field and it makes people want to read your blog to learn from you.


Of course being perceived as an expert also pays off by having people trust what you say. So you have built two things up that studies indicate make a blog successful. Trust and perception of expert information.


When you are blogging about your passions it becomes infectious. You engage your audience which keeps them coming back. Of course you are also entertaining people with your knowledge about the subjects you are passionate about.


Its Fun


A lot of people set out to monetize their blog. They want to earn passive income through advertisements on their blog but they go about things the wrong way. Even if you are monetizing your blog it should not feel like a “have to”. You should love what you do. When you blog about a subject that you are passionate about than it never feels like work. It feels like you are talking to friends.


You should be having fun with your blog. It should be enjoyable. When you are blogging with passion about a subject you love talking about your audience will find you. Just like in real time if you are talking about something you are passionate about it gathers people around you, they want to hear what you have to say. Your blog works the same way except you can say what you want in your pj’s at 2 am.


Just Try It


Just try it for a week. Blogging about your passions will get people interested in who you are. Whether you are trying to monetize your blog or you simply want a place to dump what is in your head blogging about your passion can help.